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Litigation Support

Don W. Duff, P.E. began his career in designing, constructing, operating, maintaining, and financing material handling systems shortly after graduating from the University of Kentucky with a BS in Civil Engineering. In 1971 Mr. Duff joined the Midland Enterprises, working mainly for subsidiaries The Ohio River Company (ORCO) and Chotin Transportation. In 1973, while continuing full time at Midland Enterprises, Mr. Duff continued his academic studies and graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH with a Master in Business Administration.

While at Midland Enterprises Mr. Duff was responsible for the engineering and construction of new material handling facilities and the improvement of several existing transfer and storage facilities owned by ORCO. Mr. Duff served as the Terminal Manager for ORCO’s Little Rock Terminal, a barge to railcar & truck transfer facility in 1977. From late 1977 until late 1979 Mr. Duff was promoted to Manager of Engineering and Maintenance of Chotin Transportation’s fleet of 16 vessel and 75 tank barges, as well as the management of 45 vessel engineers and maintenance shop personnel. During Mr. Duff’s employment with Midland Enterprises there were several occasions where he served as a witness on their behalf for technical aspects and familiarity with the particulars of a specific case.

In 1979 Mr. Duff joined Hall-Buck Marine, Inc. (HBM) as the Vice President of Operations and Engineering. Initially HBM had two (2) terminals and other miscellaneous marine services producing about $4 Million in revenue annually. Mr. Duff was directly responsible for the conceptual designs, proposals, negotiations, and contract preparation for the development of new bulk material handling facilities. Mr. Duff was directly responsible for the insurance coverage and claim resolutions during the first few years with HBM. Additionally, Mr. Duff and his staff provided the project management of the engineering, construction, startup, and continual improvements of new transfer and storage terminals. As HBM quickly grew into a major provider of bulk material handling services Mr. Duff was promoted to Senior V. P. of Engineering and Marketing. By mid-1998 HBM had 20 transfer and storage terminals and the annual revenue had increased dramatically to around $60 Million per year. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (KMP on the NYSE) acquired HBM at that time and Mr. Duff continued to serve as Senior V. P. during the rapid growth of Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals, Inc. into the leading independent provider of dry and liquid bulk material handling services in the U. S. There were numerous occasions during Mr. Duff’s employment with HBM and Kinder Morgan where he served as a witness on their behalf for technical aspects and familiarity with the particulars of specific cases involving injuries and property damages.

In 2004 Mr. Duff began a retirement arrangement with Kinder Morgan and developed a consulting business, namely Material Handling Consulting, LLC (MHC). MHC’s primary is to provide consulting and engineering services for the development and improvement of bulk material handling facilities. However, since forming MHC, Mr. Duff has provided expert witness and other litigation support services to several law firms for cases involving injuries to workers, equipment damage claims, etc. In 2005 Mr. Duff was selected to become a member of the ASME B20 Committee, which is the committee which recommends and develops new and revised ASME Codes and Safety Standards for various types of conveyors and related equipment.


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